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Tchouakak Adeline

A'CRÉA is a Cameroonian brand that draws its essence from the daily lives and cultures of the African people. Pagne patterns, cotton, foam etc. are the materials we use to offer our valued customers unique, personalized products. With our small team, we deliver your orders within 72 hours, depending on the order.


Our services

  • Handbags and school bags in cotton and woven fabrics, washable

  • Clutch bags, purses and bags

  • Chair covers, cushion and curtain

  • Computer and travel bags

A friend of mine, who was a beneficiary of the 3rd competition, told me about the l'ART DE L'INCLUSION project, and I was immediately selected following a call for applications for the 4th promotion. It was an exceptional adventure, which enabled me to correct myself and learn more about entrepreneurship. In particular, how to develop my brand through marketing courses, how to manage my accounts, set product prices and how to have a winner's mentality.

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I'm a young Cameroonian woman who got really close to pagne fabrics and the arts in general thanks to my job as a journalist. I was head of the culture department of the daily Le Messager until 2019, when I became pregnant with my second child. Overwhelmed by the demands of motherhood, I decided to resign from the daily newspaper and launch a freelance journalism career. I work at my own pace and have a lot of free time. It was during these off-peak hours that I became familiar with the needle and the pieces of pagne lying around the house. Without any notion of sewing, a first try gave me a pretty shopping bag.

So I decided to learn!


City : Douala, Cameroon

Telephone : (+237) 675 689 475

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