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Louise Olive Ngo Mback

Winner of the 2nd edition of the L'ART DE L'INCLUSION social venture competition, the promoter of the APAD project (Promotional and Artistic Action for Development), Miss Ngo Back-Em Louise Olive, of Cameroonian nationality, is a self-taught amateur seamstress. She has been working with the group since its creation, and has a particular interest in people living with disabilities, and in young girls in general. Having been active in a number of associations for disabled people and women, she has taken part in several training and coaching seminars for players in the informal sector.

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APAD (Promotional and Artistic Action for Development) is an informal group created by one of our members in 2007, bringing together disabled artists and women working in the informal sector.


Following our studies and experiences, we have concluded that one of the best methods for vulnerable people (young girls, women and people living with disabilities) is self-employment. For this reason, we have focused our research on people living with disabilities, among whom are valiant and talented artists, and on young unemployed girls. The latter are active in a number of artistic fields, including painting, shoemaking, sewing and customization. This is how the APAD group (Promotional and Artistic Action for Development) came into being, highlighting the works of these disabled artists, as well as those of the women in our informal group, for visibility in Cameroon and beyond its borders (Africa, Europe and the United States of America).

To date, we have to our credit: seamstresses, customizers, shoemakers and painters who are undoubtedly contributing to the development of Cameroon by enabling the socio-economic integration of this segment of society through the creation of self-employment in the informal sector.


City : Douala, Cameroon

Telephone : (+237) 671 16 40 80 / (+237) 673 76 96 99

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