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Banda  Michel  Arnold

I am an Artistic and Cultural Entrepreneur and promoter of the ANIMATION + production company in the town of Mbalmayo.


My team is made up of self-taught artists and professionals. We plan to set up a film production and communication media production structure.


Born on July 10, 1990 in Minlamizibi, Cameroon, I did my primary education in Yaoundé, then successively at the Collège Adventiste d'Odza (Yaoundé), at the Lycée de Manjo in Mungo, then at the Collège Jean Paul II in Mbalmayo, and finally at the Lycée de Mbalmayo-Oyack and Lycée Bilingue de Zoétélé in 2015. That's when I joined CRTV's Institut de Formation et de Conservation du Patrimoine Audiovisuel.


After 02 years, I graduated with a Diplôme de Technicien Supérieur en Art et Technique l'audiovisuel. Really, I'll spare you the trials and tribulations of the "MBOA" obstacle course. From festival to festival (Mboa BD , Canimaf , Ecran Noir, Annecy ...) and volunteer work (Coup d'Afrique 2021). Until the day I came across the call for applications for l’Art De l’Inclusion project. My team and I are beneficiaries of the 3rd promotion.


With respect, we are committed to satisfying our customers, always with faith in ourselves.


City : Mbalmayo, Cameroon

Telephone : (+237) 691 876 879 / (+237) 653 527 151

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