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Claire Laure Dongmo

Explore a world of captivating emotions with Arts et Design, Studio de Création created in July 2019, led by Claire Laure Dongmo, a passionate promoter. We fuse product design, space planning, graphic design and fine art to bring life to every project we shape with care. With our customers at the heart of our business, we empathize with them to transform their vision into a visual masterpiece. 

Recipient of the 1st edition of the L'ART DE L'INCLUSION social venture competition.

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My childhood was shaped by this desire to give the best of myself. I noticed, however, that other children were more fulfilled than my brothers and me. This was because my parents didn't have the necessary means to offer us this life of luxury. So my dream was always to create anything that would entertain me and make me happy. As I grew up, I saw other children in the same situation as me and decided to become a designer. I had the time to go round the neighbourhoods of Douala and I thought of creating leisure and relaxation areas in the most disadvantaged neighbourhoods such as Bependa, Bonabéri and OYAK to enable children to rediscover their happiness in mini playgrounds. I have a great deal of experience in the field of design through my academic studies and the various workshops I've taken part in. As well as being a designer, I'm also very skilled in IT and multimedia: creating websites and setting up cyber cafés.


City : Douala, Cameroon

Telephone : (+237) 692 78 67 97

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