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Francine Abada

Co-founded by Francine Abada and Yves Xavier Ndounda Ndongo, ARTOPIA was created as the winner of the social venture comptetition organized by the Art of Inclusion (ADI) project, in November 2021. Our intention was to promote and safeguard the history of visual arts in Cameroon through art book publishing. In 2023, ARTOPIA becomes a Limited Liability Company which offers, in addition to publishing, graphic & web design services, design, curation and the sale of works of art.

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ARTOPIA aims to provide quality products and services in the field of creation and to make them universally accessible. To do so, our objectives are as follows:

1 - Create wealth and economic growth in the arts;
2 - Diversify our offer and find new ways to offer it;
3 - Document, archive, enhance, promote the arts in Africa;
4 - Reflect on notions such as the local context, quality, requirements and money in order to set up approaches, systems and methodologies that help create a circular economy.


Choosing ARTOPIA means betting on creativity, quality and high standards at the service of the worlds of art.


City : Douala, Cameroon

Telephone : (+237) 692 78 67 97

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