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bantus by design


Ernest Kenmogne

I'm Kenmogne Jean Ernest, artist designer and one of the promoters of the start-up BANTUS BY DESIGN. Passionate about what I do, my job is to propose living spaces that meet the needs of the customer, and also design different types of prototype products (furniture, decorative objects, games and toys...).


What I do and how work is guided by an ideology, that of promoting African and Cameroonian culture, in particular through the realization of our various projects and products by local artisans in different fields of activity. We also pay particular attention to the choice of materials and the manufacturing processes we use, in order to have zero impact on nature.


To date, we have a team of 10 part-timers, and we are very glad.

Recipient of the 1st edition of the L'ART DE L'INCLUSION social venture competition.

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The services we offer so far are:

- Interior design (interior, exterior)

- Commercial design

- Product design

- 3D rendering

- Consulting

- Training


The story behind the creation of our start-up is that we conducted an experiment with 10 children, offering them a mask and an Eiffel tower as toys, and 8 children chose the Eiffel Tower over 2. It was through this experiment that we realized just how aculturated we are, and that's why we're more interested in promoting our own culture, because it's through this culture that Africa will be able to develop better.


City : Douala, Cameroon

Telephone : (+237) 6 73 50 98 65 / (+1) 857 234 1477

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