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Ebiyebene Bodissiomo Hugues Gontran

Mediator and cultural entrepreneur, Ebiyebene Bodissiomo Hugues Gontran, has been passionate about the performing arts and all the professions that revolve around theater since the second grade.


I've also been mentored by directors such as Ambarra Martin, David Noudji, Éric Delphin K., Oncle Phil, Hassan Kassy Kouyaté, Junior Esseba, Dovi Kendo, Jeannette Mbetti, Sufo Sufo... and show technicians: Valéry Ébouélé, Rosine Nkem, and Roch Amedet Mbanzouzi.

Founded in 2021, "Djankulum'Art", now known as Cie Halocline, is a collective of young Cameroonian artists based in Douala, whose main vocation is to be a leading company in the creation, dissemination and promotion of circus arts in Cameroon. Its members have also set themselves the mission of creating a space for circus professionals and the public to meet and share, in order to adapt circus to our daily realities and better consume and celebrate it.

Recipient of the 3rd edition of the L'ART DE L'INCLUSION social venture competition.

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The first time I saw someone on stilts in person was at the Maison des Jeunes et de la Culture in New-bel, during an inter-school theater festival. Out of curiosity, I approached the stilt-walker to find out what the mystery was. A mystery because, according to our habits and customs, stilt-walking is an activity reserved for the initiated, who only go out on special occasions. In the course of our exchanges, I expressed an interest in stilts. In 2017, Frédéric introduced me to stilt making and assembly, and we produced a performance for the Nuit Blanche organized by the Institut Français du Cameroun, in Douala. Subsequently, I began to be requested by individuals, companies and schools for caravans, galas and or private parties, video clips, Papa Noël géant. It also brought me into contact with other street artists such as fire-eaters and jugglers, stilt-walkers, mascots, puppeteers, contortionists, clowns, BMX riders and rollerbladers, with whom we decided to form a circus group. In addition, workshops in clowning led by Julien Délime, puppet making and manipulation by Olivier Ngoundé, then Vladi Bulle de Savon, and the training in cultural entrepreneurship offered to us by the Art de l’Inclusion project at LABA enabled us to structure and formalize our business.


Beyond being a profession, the circus is also a fun and educational activity. In this, it is a medium for human values and savoir vivre. That's why we invite you to request our clown, puppet, stilt and storytelling shows. They help to develop creativity and artistic awareness, human contact, self-confidence and acceptance of difference in the youngest children.


City : Douala, Cameroon

Telephone : (+237) 620114636 / (+237) 695673919

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