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Mefack Ismael

Hi, I'm Ives Ismaël Mefack, promoter of Winner Entertainment (communications agency) and co-promoter of DREAM ONE TELEVISION. I'm surrounded by a team of a few people, each one a specialist in a specific field, so that we can complement each other and move forward; an expert in digital marketing, an image reporter and editorial consultant for DREAM ONE TELEVISION, a production technician for all types of communication media who is also a TV production technician, and an expert in brand development who is also a communicator.


On a day-to-day basis, we offer a variety of activities, each with its own specialties, but personally, I'm a radio and TV journalist and voice-over actor for commercials, dubbing and reporting, with over 300 commercials to my credit for local, national and international companies. With DREAM ONE TELEVISION, we offer a diversified program to viewers to reach all social strata, our entertainment programs for young people are very appreciated we often find captures of viewers who wander on social networks enjoying what we offer them.

Recipient of the 2nd edition of the L'ART DE L'INCLUSION social venture competition.

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DREAM ONE TELEVISION is a new TV channel created in March 2022 in the town of Bafoussam, with the main aim of bringing a breath of fresh air to the audiovisual communication sector in the town. Since our launch, we've been offering a wide range of content for all types of audience (we sometimes get phone calls from loyal viewers who want to know where the channel is located, and when we tell them it's in Bafoussam, they can't believe it, because they've never watched a local channel with such good content and impeccable image and sound quality before), so we can appeal to everyone without exception, and we're doing very well. We work with experts to constantly improve our content, so as to build viewer loyalty for both ready-to-air and live programming. Sport, culture, information, talk-show, music and cinema are just some of the essential elements that go to make up our editorial line-up, and with it we're sure to realize our greatest dreams, which are:

-To become the leaders

-To be a reference


City : Bafoussam, Cameroon

Telephone : (+237) 655 03 5 85 / (+237) 679 23 20 87

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