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Danielle Junior Nitcheu Kuate

D'UNIK, whose real name is Nitcheu Danielle Junior, is a fashion designer born in Bafoussam. She graduated from the Fine Arts Institute in Foumban. She draws her inspiration from her environment, her African cultures and traditions in general and Grassfields in particular.

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Nitcheu Danielle Junior was born in Bafoussam in 2000, where she spent her entire childhood and her primary and secondary education. Passionate about thread and needlework, she was already soliciting small amounts of money at home. She pursued this passion in secondary school and then in higher education at the Fine Arts Institute in Foumban. In 2021, she won the Art of Inclusion competition, which enabled her to make her dream come true by setting up a small fashion business in the town of Bafoussam.


City : Bafoussam

Telephone : (+237) 691412617

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