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GAbiwa Industries

Wadem Gabi

Beneficiary of the 3rd edition of the L'ART DE L'INCLUSION social venture competition, GABIWA INDUSTRIES is a company based in Yaoundé and Bafoussam, offering services in Architecture / Art and Engineering and staffed by a team of competent young people working daily on new technologies in the following areas:

  • Design of architectural plans

  • Carpentry and furnishings

  • Plastic art / building painting

  • Screen printing / infographics

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This is the story of a young philosopher who expresses himself through his creations. As I often say: "If you want to get to know me better, look at my creations... "

It all starts with a genetic transmission of the field, and ends with further training in several Cameroonian technological institutions, including years of training and experience acquired with one of the best cabinetmakers trained by the Italian company ANFLO in Douala in the 1980s.


After this military-disciplined training, which culminated in a building engineer's diploma, the challenge now was to organize the various skills in a functional and profitable way, especially in a professional context where you absolutely have to stand out. This was possible after many difficulties encountered, especially at the entrepreneurial level.

Today, with our team, we can:

  • produce plans for your works

  • joinery for your buildings

  • furnish your buildings

  • paint and decorate your buildings

  • realistic portraits of people, by hand or digitally

  • silk-screen printing and infographics


City : Yaoundé, Cameroon -  Bafoussam, Cameroon

Telephone : (+237) 656685686

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