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Elisée Mbouombouo Njundom

I'm a director, producer, photographer and filmmaker. I'm surrounded by a group of dynamic young people who have mastered the art of audiovisual production. About five years ago, I set up an audio-visual and cinematographic production label. We produce feature films, shorts, series, web series and documentaries. We also design and produce advertising media (spots, flyers, voice-overs, etc.) and event coverage (christenings, weddings, funerals). We also produce video clips, press-books and more.

We also do photo shoots and provide training in the film industry (acting, sound recording, lighting, video editing, computer graphics, staging and directing).

I heard about the project through some connections and then I received flyers talking about the project and I liked the training aspect and applied.

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I started photography at the age of 10, in the 6th grade. Coming from a family where the eldest was already a photographer, I was able to learn how to "put a life on an image and make it live forever". But photography was just a passion, and it became a real one once I stopped studying at university. Trained as a lawyer, it was difficult to find work, so I turned to what I knew and loved: photography. After some training, I opened my first studio in 2012. Being a photographer, I grew up with a passion for audiovisuals, which led me to do a little training, but the real training was on the street (I learned more without any real training). I started with real audio in 2016 after having gone through the creation of several cinema groups with friends, I decided in 2018 to fly on my own wings and launched my label NECS (New Eye Ciné Studio). At first we covered events, wrote and directed web series, but in 2020 I decided to make my first no-budget feature film, entitled "Passage". It was a great experience, and one that immersed me in the world of filmmaking for good. In 2023, we made a second feature film, due to be released in March 2024, and we're preparing to launch a 52-episode series as well; however, covering events, producing advertising material and video clips are still the main sources of funding for our company.


City : Douala, Cameroon

Telephone : (+237) 694 418 215

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