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Eliane Megangmo Dontsa

NIKI ART is my alias, I'm into recycling plastic waste. I create decorative objects, clothing and fashion accessories using recycled plastic waste. I started making art at the age of 11, thanks to my departed mother.

Recipient of the 1st edition of the L'ART DE L'INCLUSION social venture competition.

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In 2015, as the news talked about climate change, air pollution by plastic waste and the ban on the use of non-biodegradable plastics, my mind was racing and I was thinking about how I could make my modest contribution to humanity. That's how I came up with the idea of recycling plastic waste to innovate my art.


The beginnings weren't exactly easy, I was called crazy as I collected plastic waste from garbage bins, markets and even households, but I had confidence in my innovation, I had confidence in myself and that's why I was determined to achieve my goals.

Today, I'm proud of myself, with a formidable career path, and I'm encouraged in the eyes of the public thanks to my achievements, training women, street children and young people who want to learn. I was named Africa's Best Craftsman for 2021 by African JENFALL.


City : Yaoundé, Cameroon

Telephone : (+237) 677114163 / (+237) 658019322

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