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Ngahenou Ndonkou Ludovic Champleins

I'm a dance artist and promoter of a platform for the valorization, training and perpetuation of Cameroon's cultural heritage called PATRIE ART.

My team is made up of 11 members and our daily activities are to provide cultural services to companies and individuals. We also work a lot in the social field and we have a festival called the Night of Heritage.

Recipient of the 3rd edition of the L'ART DE L'INCLUSION social venture competition.

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I'm a young man with a passion for art and culture who lost his family at a very early age and was motivated only by his desire to show the world that you can start from zero and become a heroI studied law (master's degree in law and public administration) but chose to work in culture because it's the profession in which I feel happiest. It was to combat the acculturation of young people and promote our cultures that we created icc PATRIE ART.


  • A cultural association;

  • A cultural service provider;

  • A traditional art festival;

  • A cultural, social and economic showcase;

  • An ideal for building African identity in general and Cameroonian identity in particular.


Since 2013, Patrie Art has been building Cameroon's memory. Using the valorization and sensitization of national cultures via dance, this noble ambition offers a sovereign space for the various African peoples dispatched in "territories" to become nations today.


Our services:

  • Team building

  • Training: dance, theater, percussion, singing

  • Event and show (organization and animation of cultural and recreational events)

  • Grow up family (family training session)


City : Douala, Cameroon

Telephone : (+237) 656855822

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