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pop art graph design


Wouna Edwige

POP ART GRAPH DESIGN is an agency that assists artists in setting up their means of communication to promote their artistic production.


The associates:

Wouna Binouana Edwige Armelle

Manzoua Cecile

Dimi Minteur Emmanuel

Recipient of the 1st edition of the L'ART DE L'INCLUSION social venture competition.


POP ART GRAPH DESIGN guides and supports plastic artists, graphic designers and others in promoting and popularizing their craft. The agency immerses itself totally in the artist's world to propose and implement the best and most profitable communication strategy possible. The agency will highlight the visual arts, decoration, art exhibitions, communication support and accompaniment of cultural events.


What are our objectives:

The agency's main role is to promote the artist's brand image to prospects, partners and consumers. To this end, it implements a communications strategy based on actions and media. On the web, the essential tools are the website and social networks. On paper, the business card, the information or sales brochure, the flyer for a specific event, all remain reliable communication tools.

With all these elements, the agency proposes what is known as a communication plan. The latter defines and summarizes all the communication operations and actions implemented, and enables us to monitor the objectives to be reached, after analysis, reflection and arbitration of the communication actions to be carried out, in consultation with the artist.


City : Douala, Cameroon

Telephone : (+237) 696 13 21 66

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