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tvn television du nyong

Bekono Josiane Flora

We are a group of 05 young people, 03 men and 02 women, working in the audiovisual sector. We have set up a small communications company, TVN Télévision du Nyong, a cable network in the town of Mbalmayo.

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Our products; reportage, advertorials, documentary production, audiovisual editing, commercial design, crawl.


TV program production. We've been broadcasting on the cable network for nearly 10 years. The project L'ART DE L'INCLUSION, of which we are beneficiaries of the 2nd edition of the social venture competition, has been a major asset for the growth of our structure. In the group we have a trained journalist, an editor, a cameraman, a broadcaster and a marketing department.


City : Mbalmayo, Cameroon

Telephone : (+237) 675631925 / (+237) 698779459

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